It’s Time to Align Your Workspace to Your Professional Brand

by | Aug 12, 2020

Working from home certainly has its benefits. You can wear your pajamas all day; don’t have to keep your workspace tidy or may even be able to share your office with family or roommates — because your desk is the kitchen table.

Everything you’ve learned about creating a workspace that aligns to your professional brand has gone out the (kitchen) window. That is until now.

Flexible Office Space in Macon, Georgia

Bolster Your Brand in a Professional, Flexible Office Space in Macon, Georgia

The advent of coworking spaces made it possible for entrepreneurs to work in a professional setting that aligns to their brand. Up until March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic officially came to light in the US, entrepreneurs and small businesses were flocking to coworking spaces in droves.

Social distancing measures put a damper on the popularity of shared workspaces. However, Qbix Centre’s private offices address this concern and ensure members have the peace of mind they need within a flexible workspace setting that is accessible 24/7/365.

Qbix Centre’s Brand-Boosting Environment

Qbix Centre has all the amenities one might expect in a coworking space and sets itself apart with a comfortable, stylish and well-appointed facility that helps members feel good about coming to work and hosting clients in a setting that embodies their success:

  • Top-of-the line office furniture
  • Beautiful and practical sound-absorbing wall panels in shared and private spaces
  • Enhanced recessed lighting
  • Modern kitchens and training spaces
  • New hand sanitizer station
  • Enhanced indoor air filtration system

If you are ready to trade in your pajamas and get back to work in an appealing, professional environment that bolsters your brand, call us today to schedule a private tour of Qbix Centre: 478-787-0532.


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