In this article 10 items were listed that you should think about when looking at coworking space.  How does Qbix Centre stack up?

  1. A welcoming atmosphere  Qbix is a modern space that you would be proud to have clients visit you at.
  2. Opportunities to get involved  We have already seen some members reaching out to others and helping their organizations
  3. Other companies working there.  Qbix Centre already has 4 companies as members
  4. Open hours.   How is 24/7!
  5. Amenities  Qbix Centre has free soft drinks, water and Kuerig coffee.  It also has first come first serve access to our conference room and free parking.  If that’s not enough, how about all motorized sit/stand desks?
  6. Price  Qbix Centre has options from $250 -$750 per month
  7. Internet speed.   300 megabit Cox Cable internet awaits you
  8. Location  We are just a couple of miles off of I-75 and very near the Tom Hill shopping areas.
  9. Trial Period How about a free day of coworking to try it out?  Just ask
  10. Space Options  Qbix Centre has options for private and semi-private offices as well as designated shared spaces.

So I think we have checked all those bases.  Check out the best coworking space in North Macon.  You’ll be glad you did.